Devlin Capital

An independent investment firm with strategies designed to consistently deliver attractive absolute returns in a low interest rate environment. Client returns are the priority, not asset or revenue growth.

Devlin Capital

We currently view potential returns in the public bond and equity markets as unattractive. We see value in the private markets where investors can be generously compensated for illiquidity and complexity. We plan to offer private opportunities to high net worth individuals and institutional investors.

Devlin Capital

Our fundamental approach is to realize long-term value. Our strategies embrace innovation and change to unlock fundamental value.

Devlin Capital

Our global approach is nimble to avoid “diseconomies-of-scale” or “crowded trades.” We strive to deliver attractive global opportunities that have low correlations to investors’ existing portfolios.

Why Devlin Capital?​

Devlin Capital is a globally connected investment firm uniquely able to bring new financial technology and innovation to our clients. The three main partners collectively have over eight decades of capital markets experience in Asia, Europe, the US and Canada.

The partners are recognized as industry leaders in macro-economics, structured finance, derivatives trading and risk management across diverse asset classes (currencies, interest rates, credit risk and options). We are distinctively capable of identifying opportunities in the global market and delivering these opportunities to institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

Our team members have successfully navigated every major global financial crisis over the past three decades. All the partners have managed significant portfolios at premier global investment firms. Our history of taking a disciplined approach to planning for and managing “draw downs” during market corrections is unique. Our approach is to identify cheap risk premiums available in the market, and then structure portfolios to ensure relative stability during bear markets.

We are also targeting strategies that have low correlations to traditional stock and bond funds. Our ability to understand complex structured financings and derivative contracts allows us to safely access excess returns not fully understood by other market participants. Our clients can obtain favourable returns by locking up their money in private opportunities and investing in “non-consensus” sectors of the global marketplace.

Significant Opportunities for 2021

Devlin Capital is currently in the process of completing the legal, tax, accounting and regulatory requirements to offer opportunities to investors. Currently, we are not soliciting capital from the public. If you are interested in receiving information from us in the future, please let us know by completing the form on our contact page.

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