Ed Devlin made an appearance on BNN to discuss expectations surrounding the Bank of Canada’s Q&A on the Canadian economy. Ed mentioned that the BoC’s concerns over risk in the housing market are to be expected, as the number of high loan-to-income mortgages are increasing among more vulnerable consumers. He also discussed the “wakeup call” that several recent, high-profile ransomware attacks represent to cybersecurity for investors, and gave his thoughts on efforts for the finance industry to become more environmentally conscious.

Ed Devlin returned to BNN following the Bank of Canada’s Q&A to discuss the implications of what Tiff Macklem’s response to questions. Ed highlighted that it was interesting that all of the questions seemed to be focused on housing, but that there were certainly valid concerns around overoptimism in the housing market. He also noted that that the BoC thinks markets have mis-priced climate change risk and stressed the importance of planning ahead when it comes to environmental factors. Ed also gave his thoughts on how the BoC can manage risk in the housing market without making too many sacrifices in other parts of the economy